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About Us

Moms and Babies

Mommie's Only Club was created to make

sure nursing your baby is private,

enjoyable, and cuddling. 

As we know, "embarrassment has been shown to be the number one breastfeeding concern for WIC women across the Nation" (Best Start Social Marketing, 1997). In response to this barrier, Mommie's Only Club has collaborated with the Hawaii WIC program to design an incentive tool (nursing drape) exclusively made for WIC mothers. This nursing drape has demonstrated to be an innovative way to encourage mothers to breastfeed, while providing them the privacy they desire during nursing.

Since 2000, our nursing drapes have been used throughout the Hawaiian Islands, California, Arkansas, Indiana, Massachusets, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Saipan, and parts of North Carolina, Oklahoma and New Jersey as an incentive for the WIC Breastfeeding Promotion Program. Our nursing drapes have proven to be an inspiration to thousands of WIC mothers over the past eight years and have helped WIC programs to save money by reducing the cost of formula while providing the best nutrition possible. For a copy of the article titled "Hawai'i WIC's Unique Breastfeeding Initiatives" by Christina Shoemaker Simmons, Pratisha Budhiraja, and Cheryl B. Prince. 

News and Events

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